Covid-19 Update

Due to issues created by Coronavirus, this year we will be limiting our in-person exposure with clients. This means we won't be found as often in our usual hotel spots around St. Moritz. If you would like to view your photos on a large screen and further discuss products and prices in person, we encourage you to get in touch via email to arrange an appointment. To do so, contact:

However, all of your images can still be found online, and if you create an account you can easily save photos to your personal collection throughout the season. If you plan to purchase 3 or more photos, be sure to contact us for special deal prices that we can offer, as these are not applicable to the website.

Alternatively, we are happy to offer you a ‘folder selection service’ whereby we put together all your photos as copyright proofs and send them directly to your email so that you can choose your favourites. This is a great way for you to browse your photos at leisure. Simply send us the dates on which you visited the SMTC and we can compile your photos for you.

We can now also process credit card payments. If you have scheduled a viewing appointment, we encourage you to please pay by card, bank transfer or PayPal, rather than cash.

Thank you
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